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Mastered Roller Blinds Cleaning Services Available

Roller blinds give a classic look to your room which are incredibly durable and easy to style. They are economical, easy to install and require less maintenance. Overall they add simplicity and elegance to your room. But for their maintenance, you need our Roller Blinds Cleaning services as we are known for years for our efficiency, quality and affordability. We clean your blinds in an advanced way so that it provides a collective array of window coverings in a great way. 

Our company offers tailored solutions for your commercially and residentially used roller blinds. If you miss the original shine of your roller blinds then we are the best option to choose among the others.

Prefer Our Roller Blind Cleaning Services. Why? Reasons

For looking your precious window coverings good, our Roller Blinds Cleaning services serve you at both commercial and domestic places. We value your time and money and provide you with unmatched quality standards and successfully completed every type of cleaning project. You should prefer our services because of the following reasons:

  • Safe for health and hygiene: Roller blind cleaning is a necessary task which you cannot ignore or avoid and you can select our services as it is safe for you which maintain health, hygiene and aesthetic issues by removing a storm of dust, dirt and debris.
  • Use of ultrasonic technologies: Our blinds cleaning process uses ultrasonic cleaning technologies along with various other technologies like injection extraction cleaning technology, etc.
  • Trained and skilled professionals: After an appointment, our trained and skilled team of professionals come to your place at the allotted time and apply their skills in your cleaning work and make you completely satisfied.
  • Under budget cleaning: Our services provide 100% quality results which everyone wants and this superior quality, you will get in at a price which is under your budget and never costs you any hidden charges.
  • Convenient service: Our team works according to your convenience, that is they are happy to schedule your blind cleaning whenever you want as we always respect your comfort and privacy. We always pickup and deliver services in as convenient a way as possible. 

Hence, book an appointment with our service officials.

Step By Step Process For Cleaning Of Roller Blinds By Captain Curtain Cleaning Hobart

Cleaning your roller blinds is not an easy task. You have to clean each and every part and row and if a little portion remains left, all your hard work will get destroyed. So, our Roller Blind Cleaning experts remain conscious on each and every step and complete it with utmost care. The step by step process followed by our experts are as follows:

  1. Inspection

Sometimes due to sun and atmospheric contamination, your roller blinds weaken and degrade. So, it is very important for our team to properly inspect the window treatment and also see if there are any repairs or adjustments needed.

  1. Safe removal

Our experts are properly trained for the removal of all shades and blinds safely because there are different procedures for the attachment of different manufacturer’s. 

  1. Proper packaging

Our packaging process is very safe and unique which can never damage your shades while transportation because we know that improper transportation may damage them permanently.

  1. Cleaning

Our experts have 20 years of experience for cleaning your roller blinds and we use ultrasonic technology and state-of-the-art equipment for washing of blinds and shades. We clean it properly and thoroughly so that not only dust and dirt will be removed but removal of all types of allergens will also be done which also prevents the chances of cross-contamination.

  1. Packaging again and rehanging

We again packed them in proper packages so that cleaned roller blinds will not be affected in any way and transported safely. Our cleaning agents will come to your place and rehang the cleaned roller blinds at their place in an exact way.

This is the whole step by step process followed by our company officials.

Various Services Provided By Our Company Officials

Our blind cleaning services are carried out by highly skilled and trained professionals who have overall knowledge of all the tasks and also of all types of blinds. So, our Roller Blinds Cleaning services are trustworthy and we understand the value of your delicate blinds and so we take care of them. That is why, we not only provide cleaning services for your roller blinds but also provide various types of services which are named as following:

  • Curtain steam cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Venetian blinds
  • Curtain mould treatment
  • Curtain dry cleaning
  • Curtain deodorising
  • Roman blinds
  • Drapes cleaning

So, whatever you need, you can contact our company executives and book an appointment.

Roller Blinds Cleaning Services Covering All The Areas Available Nearby

Our company is a recognised company which is highly appreciated for its working, excellence, expertise, excellent facility maintenance and ability to share and implement best cleaning and hygiene practices. We are a group of professionals which properly and systematically plan for all the services and procedures so that they are performed in a maintained way. Therefore, our company becomes very popular and its popularity increases with time and goes beyond this place and covers all the suburbs and nearby areas which surround this place. Hence, hire our Roller Blinds Cleaning services now. Our staff have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.

Area We Serve

  • Sandy Bay
  • Howrah
  • Kingston
  • North Hobart
  • Claremont
  • South Hobart
  • West Hobart
  • Lindisfarne
  • Blackmans Bay
  • Lenah Valley


“My name is Jill and I was searching for the best agency that is involved in curtain cleaning. But now I have come across you and so I know which option is best. I could find you all perfect in every way. Your tasks were all good and the best that I could rely on.


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Best Stain Removal Process

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 31, 2023

My curtains had many stains. Fortunately, I am happy with the service. The professional used the hot water extraction method and the stains were gone. My curtains looked like new ones. Fantastic job!

J. Jerome

Extremely professional and experienced

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 31, 2023

This company is extremely professional and experienced. I was getting a cleaning problem with my curtains for so long. But the person who solved this issue quickly using gentle vacuuming was from this company. Fantastic job Thank you!

N. Arigala

Curtain mould treatment

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 31, 2023

I was getting a mould issue with my curtains. I was never expecting to get rid of this issue. But I am amazed because the professionals are using the hot water extraction system. He also used chemical solutions to avoid re-soiling. Thank you!

A. Alocious
Curtain Van

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