Apply These 10 Secret Techniques to Improve Curtain Cleaning

You select the beautiful curtain to give your home a perfect look. But it becomes tough to maintain the look of your drapes. Regular cleaning and sanitizing become important to enhance the beauty of your curtains. Moreover, cleaning is also helpful in extending the life of your curtains. There are many techniques to clean the curtains. Either you can clean them while hanging or you can take them down and then clean them. Read the Techniques to improve Curtain cleaning.

It is important to follow the techniques which are best suitable for your curtains. Moreover, you need to have enough knowledge about the cleaning technique so that there is harm caused to your curtains. Also, you need to have the right tools and equipment at home to clean the curtains. If you have everything to carry out the curtain cleaning job then you can go for it. You can apply these 10 secret techniques to curtain cleaning mentioned below. 

Curtain cleaning techniques
Curtain cleaning techniques

10 Secret Techniques to Improve Curtain Cleaning

Experts share and suggest some best tips and techniques for cleaning the curtains. Besides, you get the best results when you apply these 10 secret techniques for curtain cleaning. 

  • Brush The Tiny Fibers: Make sure you are brushing away the tiny fibres. Take the help of one person to slightly pull the curtain so that you can brush the tiny fibres using a curler or brush. The dirt particles get easily attracted to such types of curtains. So, it is important to brush such small fibres.
  • Thoroughly Steam Clean The Curtains: Curtain Steam cleaning is the process of cleaning the curtain using hot water and solution. You can insert the hot water and extract all the dirt particles and other allergens which are present deep in the fabric of your curtain.
  • Shake The Curtains Properly: Shaking the curtain regularly helps in removing the dirt particles. Besides, you will have to vacuum the carpet or the floor later. So that dust doesn’t get attracted back to curtains or any other upholstery. You can shake the curtains the time you are hanging them as well.
  • Iron The Curtain While Damp: One of the best techniques is ironing the curtain when it is still damp. Iron on the other side and stretch the fabric lightly. Also, you’re supposed to hang the curtain when it is a little damp so that it falls straight. 
  • Dry Clean The Heavy Curtains: If your curtain fabric is velvet, wool, silk, or any such heavy fabric, then consider the dry cleaning method. However, make sure to check the tag of the manufacturer before proceeding with the dry cleaning method.
  • Do not rub while handwashing the curtains:  When you wash the curtain by hand wash keep in mind that the detergent should get dissolve completely. Also, do not rub or wring while washing the drapes by hand.
  • Use Vinegar For Stain Removal: To remove the curtain stains, you can use a mixture of vinegar. Take a bucket and pour some distilled vinegar into it. Soak the stained area of the curtain for an hour. After some time, wash the curtain by hand or machine wash using cold water.
  • Vacuum the heavy curtain using suitable tools: You need to attach the appropriate and right brush to your vacuum machine for removing the loose particles and dirt from the heavy curtains.
  • Rinse The Curtains Properly: To thoroughly clean your curtains. At the end of the cleaning process, rinse it 2 – 3 times in fresh water each time.
  • Do Not Hang The Curtains Near Heat Surface: if you don’t want your curtain to get shrank then make sure you are keeping it for drying far away from the heating sources.

Call Experienced Team For Effective Curtain Cleaning Service

You might apply these 10 secret techniques to improve curtain cleaning, but for perfect results, consider hiring certified cleaners. Professional cleaners have the right knowledge about the fabric and use a highly effective cleaning solution. Moreover, they can clean any type of curtain using the right equipment and tools. Also, they do the curtain deodorisation and sanitization along with cleaning. Your curtain will get a new and refreshing look when you go for professional cleaning. So, do not hesitate and call out the most experienced curtain cleaning team in your area.