About Us

Captain Curtain Cleaning: Who Are We?

Are you worried about your dirty curtains? Do not get worried, when our curtain cleaning services are there for you. We are a Curtain Cleaning Hobart team as your cleaning partner due to our specialised cleaning techniques. Our company is the leading and no.1 company in Hobart and conveys our services to a variety of sectors from corporate to schools, hospitals, rural houses, fitness centres and luxurious apartments and many more. We have a large customer base and serve several people over the years with our licensed and most qualified team of experts who are specialised in their respective fields. We help you forget your curtain cleaning worries. 

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Our Effective Curtain Cleaning Services And Solutions

We depend completely upon our customer base and try to satisfy our customers by providing the finest services including commercial, domestic and industrial clients. A wide range of services are given here:

  • Curtain washing: It includes a customised cleaning approach for making your curtains look new and delicate.
  • Steam/ Dry cleaning: Both of these services are used for their respective curtain fabric with our latest quality equipment and remove all the stains, spots and contaminants.
  • Stain Elimination: Our eco-friendly process removes stains and dust, odours and germs from your curtains.
  • Sanitisation and deodorisation: This will remove all the allergens after cleaning your curtains and give them a fresh smell by removing all the bad smells from them.

How To Deal With Your Problems

Firstly, we treat it as our problem and then send a team of experts for proper inspection of your curtains and their material before washing them. Our team(Captain curtain cleaning Hobart) can also come to you within a regular interval of time for post-inspection of your curtains so that your curtains remain neat and clean without your involvement.

Our Outstanding Skills And Certifications

We are the most popular company in Hobart, the main reason is our high experience and commitment. Within such a higher population area like Hobart, we efficiently provide day and night that is 24*7 services and are considered as best due to the following reasons:

  • Our servicing agents have complete knowledge of all types of curtains and their fabric.
  • We have the solution for removing all types of stains and impurities from the curtains.
  • We have IICRC certification and approval from higher authorities. We always have an SOP for fair cleaning and services. 

How Are We The Best Hobart Cleaning Team For Curtains, Blinds And Drapes?

Our company is a committed and a recognised company in Hobart due to our certain attributes and way of working we are the best. Reasons which prove us best are as follows:

  • Superior quality tools and equipment.
  • Top-rated company.
  • Satisfying and an elaborated customer base.
  • Biodegradable cleaning agents and products.
  • Many ways for bookings.
  • Low cost of services

Available Hobart Wide: East Or West, North Or South

As we are a locally operated company in Hobart, we provide a wide range of services across Hobart and you can catch our team anywhere in Hobart whether it is Eastern and Northern suburbs, Hobart city and Southern suburbs and Western suburbs nearby areas.