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Whether your curtains lose their shine or look dull, not only your curtains are affected but the overall appearance of your room also gets affected and so it is important to hire a professional for dry cleaning of your curtains in the correct way possible. So, why not our Curtain Dry Cleaning services? We offer excellent cleaning services by refreshing and cleaning your curtains. Our company produces amazing results with our best quality curtain dry cleaning services which remove all the dust, dirt and other debris which is present deep into the curtain. Captain curtain cleaning Hobart also provide proper guidance with maintenance tips. The most remarkable feature of our service is that we have been offering all these services at a budget-friendly rate which is affordable for you. Give us a call if you are ready for it.

Why Does Your Curtain Require Only Our Company’s Dry Cleaning Services?

Curtains are made up of a range of different fabrics and delicate threads so as time passes, their shine becomes dull and they require proper cleaning procedures. But your curtains will become happy with our Curtain Dry Cleaning Services as our company has the following features:

  1. Committed to quality: Our company is a well-known company not only for its way of working but also for quality work. We are committed to providing standard quality results so that our customers become happy and satisfied with our services.
  1. Experienced company: Our dry cleaning service team is as old as our company. With the help of this experienced team, we can provide perfect dry cleaning services for every type, quality and fabric of curtains. 
  1. Time-saving service: Our cleaning agent does not waste your time by telling you to go through the hassles of removing the rings and taking them down from the rods. As we have several cleaning agents in our team, they do all the work on their own very quickly and promptly.
  1. Use of good quality products: We use the best quality products for dry cleaning your curtains so that you will be assured that there will not be any shrinkage or discolouration of the fabric and also keep in mind the healthy indoor air quality. 
  1. Well-trained and authorised cleaners: The team of cleaners consists of well-trained and certified cleaners who have the authority for providing you best services as this authority will give you an assurity that you are on the right track to hire them than any other services.

Thus, it is proved that we are the best and your curtains require only our company’s dry cleaning services.

Complete Hassle-free Dry Cleaning Process For Your Curtains

Dry cleaning of curtains is a tedious task and if you want a hassle-free approach then it is the best option for you to go towards a professional like our Curtain Dry Cleaning professionals for help and believe us, you will get perfect cleaning results. Our hassle-free process is explained here:

  1. Inspection

It is a pre-dry cleaning inspection. It is very important to assess the overall condition of the curtains to identify the spots and stains present on your curtains and which solution will fit perfectly to remove all these stains.

  1. Pre-treatment preparation and testing

Here we test various chemicals and solvents on your curtains to obtain their perfectness so that your curtains will be prepared and get twisted accordingly when real products are applied and ultimately loose dust and other stubborn stains and spots.

  1. Dry cleaning process

These curtains are then put into machines which are specially designed for dry cleaning of curtains along with a solvent best and suitable for the fabric of the curtains. After this, the cleaning occurs in that machine at a low temperature which loses all the soil present in the curtains without affecting the quality.

  1. Final procedure

At the end of the process when all the soil gets removed from the curtains and then some mild disinfectants and other deodorising agents are applied to it and as a result, you will get refreshing and sparkling curtains.

Hence, give our Curtain Dry Cleaning company a chance to serve you.

All Services Offered By Our Company Professionals

If you are looking for services to give a new look to your curtain and remove all types of allergens and all dirty materials from your curtains. We provide an amazing easy professional treatment, ultimately, you will get fresh-smelling and germ-free curtains and enhance your decor again. Not only Curtain Dry Cleaning, but our professionals also offer various other services which are given below:

  • Curtain mould treatment
  • Stain removal
  • Venetian blinds cleaning
  • Roller blinds cleaning
  • Curtain steam cleaning
  • Curtain Deodorising
  • Roman blinds cleaning
  • Drapes cleaning

Services In Hobart And Nearby Areas

Our Curtain Dry Cleaning services are available very near to you and if you are searching for it, you will get it at your surrounding place. We have dedicated our many teams to local areas and suburbs in Hobart. Our services cover all the suburbs and try to satisfy customers by providing services to your requirements. Bookings are open, hurry!! Our professional have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.

Area We Serve

  • Sandy Bay
  • Howrah
  • Kingston
  • North Hobart
  • Claremont
  • South Hobart
  • West Hobart
  • Lindisfarne
  • Blackmans Bay
  • Lenah Valley


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Best Stain Removal Process

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 31, 2023

My curtains had many stains. Fortunately, I am happy with the service. The professional used the hot water extraction method and the stains were gone. My curtains looked like new ones. Fantastic job!

J. Jerome

Extremely professional and experienced

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 31, 2023

This company is extremely professional and experienced. I was getting a cleaning problem with my curtains for so long. But the person who solved this issue quickly using gentle vacuuming was from this company. Fantastic job Thank you!

N. Arigala

Curtain mould treatment

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 31, 2023

I was getting a mould issue with my curtains. I was never expecting to get rid of this issue. But I am amazed because the professionals are using the hot water extraction system. He also used chemical solutions to avoid re-soiling. Thank you!

A. Alocious
Curtain Van

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